Evidence-Based Policy

Other Sources of Policy Information

In addition to Policy Briefs and source documents, below is a list of some other sources of policy information. If you have any suggestions for additions to this list, let us know.

Quality Mall - Provides descriptions of 2,500 products related to person-centered practices and innovations organized into 22 stores (e.g., Employment, Self-Advocacy) and 72 departments (e.g., Self-Employment/Business Ownership, Self-Advocacy Skills/Personal Advocacy).

Residential Information Systems Project - Provides an annual of state-by-state and national statistics on residential and Medicaid financed services for persons with developmental disabilities with a “Build a Report” feature that allows users to tailor their own comparisons among individual states and/or with the US.

StateData.info - Provides recent statistics on persons with developmental disabilities receiving employment and other day supports from state developmental disabilities, Vocational Rehabilitation and other agencies with a “State Comparisons” feature that allows a state to be compared with other states or the US.

State of the States - Provides a biannual summary of state-by-state and national expenditures for persons with developmental disabilities as well as the services for which the expenditures were made with “State Profiles” that summarize individual state trends in 8 areas.